Replacement KCNF (RKCNF)

System Attributes

Windows© based application running on diskless solid-state Windows 10 embedded systems:

Interfaces - bespoke serial and customized TN3270 across Ethernet TCP/IP:

Core processes - OfficeCraft software and libraries written in Delphi.


Key Technologies Used

Windows RKCNF is designed for compatibility with all versions of Windows©.
Delphi The application is written entirely in Delphi and using OfficeCraft Delphi libraries.
Ethernet TCP/IP Ethernet connections are used for mainframe connectivity and for system maintenance and support functions.
TN3270 A specialized custom form of TN3270 using OfficeCraft libraries that was developed to interface to several mainframe computers in a very demanding environment.

System Highlights

RKCNF is currently used by the National Air Traffic Services (NATS) operational flight data processing systems.