Remote Alarm Telemetry System (RATS)

System Attributes

Windows© based application running on diskless solid-state Windows 10 embedded systems:

Interfaces - Digital I/O

Core processes - OfficeCraft software and libraries written in Delphi.


The Remote Alarm Telemetry System (RATS), is a special form of the System Status Monitor (SSM) produced to monitor and report on the power conditioning systems feeding various on-line mainframe computer systems.

In essence it is an SSM using its own passive sensors and a fast response alarm system combined with the ability to use mobile telephony alerts (See the OfficeCraft SCRAMBEL system).

Key Technologies Used

Windows RATS is designed for compatibility with all versons of Windows©.
Delphi The application is written entirely in Delphi and using OfficeCraft Delphi libraries.
Serial Comms Digital I/O via standard RS232 and a specialized serial interface used to drive external sirens and/or other alarm devices.
Electronic notification The sending of pre-determined messages via electronic communications, to both fixed and mobile receivers.

System Highlights

The Remote Alarm Telemetry System (RATS), is a special form of the OfficeCraft produce System Status Monitor (SSM); that uses a limited but fast response input interface, to constantly monitor the state of the powering systems feeding a mainframe processor complex, using no-obtrusive, passive sensing.

It was designed to use a touch sensitive man-machine interface, and to provide alarm alerts via mobile communications.