Care Business Manager


Care Business manager is an application designed to help companies in the Domiciliary Care industry.

If you’re like thousands of Care Agencies across the country, struggling to cope with the volume of paperwork generated by client information and maintain compliance with increasing regulations, help is at hand.

Care Business Manager gives you instant, fingertip access to every client record, care plan, risk assessment, care review, Client/Staff Diary in your business. Each one is stored electronically in a central location with instant access.

Solve regulatory and compliance issues

Ever tighter regulatory and compliance pressures mean that more efficient management of records is essential. And of course, Care Business Manager also comes with full backup so everything can be instantaneously duplicated and filed securely off-site.

Save time / improve service

With Care Business Manager, you can reduce the amount of time spent on admin tasks. It pays for itself.

Key Technologies Used

Windows Care Business manager is designed for compatibility with all versions of Windows.
Delphi The application is written entirely in Delphi and using OfficeCraft Delphi libraries.
SQL The system uses MySQL as the database engine. There is also a SQL server prototype.

System Highlights

  • Instant access to any record at any time
  • Simple easy to use structure with intuitive menu
  • Create new packages and quotations instantly
  • Roster carer activity for repeating schedules or ad-hoc calls
  • Generate Invoices and Payroll Summary automatically
  • Share information easily, securely and efficiently with access from office or on-call at home.
  • Save on cost, time and space

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